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Last Days of the Staten Island Farm Colony

Eerie ruins of the Staten Island Farm Colony

A ruined Farm Colony dormitory seen through the trees.

Part of what makes abandoned buildings so captivating is that their existence is ephemeral, they cannot remain decayed and crumbling forever, and inevitably that means saying goodbye.

Admittedly, the Staten Island Farm Colony is not one of the most spectacular places I’ve seen, (the interiors have been completely destroyed by vandalism) but it remains the one place I’ve come back to more than any other. What’s always impressed me about it is its changeability. The place is reborn with every season, and I suppose that’s true of all abandoned buildings, but I’m always struck by it at the Farm Colony. In the height of summer, its jungle-like atmosphere lends it the look of a fallen Aztec empire, which is almost unrecognizable in the cooler months. It’s haunting in the fall when the fog rolls in, and desolate in the winter when ice and snow blanket the buildings inside and out. Through 40 years of abandonment, the Farm Colony is as ever-changing as the natural world that engulfs it, but it’s looking more and more definite that this historic district will be undergoing a final, permanent transformation in the days ahead.

The Farm Colony’s existing structures.

New renderings for the “Landmark Colony,” with several buildings preserved.

Last month, the Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously approved a proposal to bring 350 units of senior housing to the site, part of a large new development called “The Landmark Colony.”  In the process, the institution is returning to its historic function as a home for the elderly after a four decade hiatus. (The place was essentially a geriatric hospital when it closed down in the 1970s, though it had been established in the mid 19th century as a refuge for the poor.)  With five buildings saved and one kept as a stabilized ruin, the design will preserve much of the area’s architectural character. The remaining structures will be demolished and replaced with modern residential units, which is to be expected considering just how far gone some of these buildings are.

Several of the places I’ve photographed in the last few years have been set aside for renovation (The Domino Sugar Refinery, the Gowanus Batcave, and P.S. 186 to name a few.)  The Smith Infirmary, the old Machpelah Cemetery office, and most troublingly, the Harlem Renaissance Ballroom have not been so lucky.  It’s rare and encouraging when a structure is fortunate enough to get a second chance in this rapidly evolving city, but as positive as these changes are for their communities, a part of me still feels like something is lost.  I know I’m not the only one who’ll miss the Farm Colony and its embattled ruins, which have become a popular spot for paintballers and Staten Island teenagers to pass the time.

Here’s a series of photos I’ve taken over the last year in sweltering heat, biting cold, snow, rain, and fog. Hopefully I make it back one last time before these ancient grounds are covered with fresh paint and brimming with active retirees year-round.


The Laundry and Industrial building will be preserved…


…As will the Dining Hall. These are the two largest open spaces in the Farm Colony.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-2

Daylight trickles into a dark room adjacent to the cafeteria.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-11

An arched walkway on a lower floor is a rare example of architectural ornament.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-9

The Farm Colony’s most picturesque building is sadly slated for demolition.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-12

But a similar dormitory on the south side of the grounds will be stabilized and preserved as a ruin.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-5

Snow piles up after winter storms, turning to ice when the temperature fluctuates.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-3

A wintry bathroom.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-4

This bed is one of the only remaining artifacts from the institution’s past.

ABANDONED NYC_Will Ellis_Farm Colony-10

Trees silhouetted against the clouds, projected through a camera obscura on the ground floor of a residence hall.



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