The chairs in this room were undoubtedly arranged by a previous visitor.

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  1. These are truly incredible photographs. They capture everything of the hospital’s former life in such depth and meaning. I’m from Orange, New Jersey–just a few minutes outside of Newark–and I know a bunch of crazy and funny stories about Overbrook, one in particular just being how Overbrook, like Bellevue, or any hospital psych ward for that mattwr, was used in sentences a lot, like as a brutal intensifier to an awfully-biting sarcastic comment lol. I also appreciate your sharing of full-size images, and unsure of policies in regards to usage but I always give credit where credit is due, so if I happen upon a project or an essay of sorts where one of these lovely photos would serve an awesome purpose, I would write out your name as per this article and reference the link, as long as it is still active. Merry Christmas! T.


    Posted by Barton Thomas "Barry" Lunner III | 12-9-16., 1:59 am

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