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One thought on “letchworth_village_building_map

  1. My aunt and uncle both work for the state in the newer state run homes that house the developmentally disabled. I am a 30 year old prior Rockland county resident, now living in orange county. Growing up I heard stories about Letchworth. Some of the buildings there housed at the time Cornell cooperative extension and 4-H. As well as previous years , holding the county fairs and 4-H competitions. The feeling of being watched is constant. The feeling that someone brushed up against you happens often. I remember never wanting to be alone in any of the 4-H buildings. Every year there used to be numerous events there on the grounds. Flea markets ,craft fairs, yard sales and what have you. Just an overwhelming feeling of oppression at Letchworth.


    Posted by Anonymous | 6-1-16., 6:59 pm

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