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29 thoughts on “Contact

  1. When was the picture of the LIRR Substation #2 taken? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8010/7192110978_118d7acf90_b.jpg

    Was this taken from the SnedIker Avenue side?

    Posted by Allan Berlin | 6-15-12., 8:34 am
  2. hey there
    I also am fascinated by decaying small town america and NYC…if you ever would like a photographer buddy on one of your expeditions, i’d be very interested. This fall, my goal is to photograph the decaying catskill resorts that my parents used to take us too growing up.

    Posted by stephen | 8-1-12., 9:52 am
  3. wondering if had any information about using any of these properties for a video shoot, thanks

    Posted by danny | 10-16-12., 4:24 pm
  4. Do you know if the Bayley Seton Nurse’s Residence is still standing? If so, is it guarded by security? I’d really like to go explore/photograph it myself.

    Posted by amber | 12-2-12., 4:28 pm
  5. Please tell me there will be a documentary video on all this? Really amazing stuff to see!

    Posted by MORSY | 12-4-12., 12:57 pm
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Brother_Island,_East_River, This could be fairly well for you.

    Posted by omar | 12-5-12., 3:01 pm
  7. Hello, I too am interested in photographing and exploring abandoned places in NYC and small towns in the Poconos. I find them telling of the scars we leave upon the land and occasionally the rebirth of nature when it reclaims the area. Would you like to explore these together?

    Posted by manhattandad | 1-4-13., 9:36 am
  8. Hi Will, I am making a film with a setting of an abandoned warehouse. I would like to use some of your photos for our Kickstarter video. Would love to know how much you would charge for use of your photos. Can you email me?

    Posted by Ellen Eustace | 2-23-13., 12:54 am
  9. Do you need a permit to shoot there? I am looking to shoot a music video please get in touch much appreciated .

    Posted by Jeremy | 3-4-13., 3:15 pm
  10. Hey, Have you considered shooting the abandoned Greenpoint Hospital. It’s where Frank Serpico was brought when he was shot….

    Posted by Gregory Larkin | 3-19-13., 2:39 pm
  11. Do you mind if I pin some of your beautiful shots to my pinterest page?

    Posted by DeHaven | 4-18-13., 10:22 am
  12. Thank you for providing all these glimpses into cities’ past. It is my hope something can be done to each either to restore for use today and tomorrow…or be demolished and put the locations’ misery into eternity. Capturing what was is beyond significant and you are to be commended for the effort, the interest, the care and the compassion. You are not endorsing anything, rather you are showing where people were and times past….that is beyond significant.

    Posted by Steven | 6-24-13., 9:04 pm
  13. So fascinating! I am compelled to such history and horror, but with a compassion rendered only by sadness.

    Posted by Darlene | 6-25-13., 4:24 pm
  14. I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic blog. Beautifully written, described and photographed. I was brought here by a post in Yahoo and spent the rest of the day catching up on previous posts. The descriptions and visuals you create are the stuff great novels are made of. Well done!

    Posted by Molly C | 6-25-13., 5:38 pm
  15. Hi Will, I was wondering if you happen to know where the cemetery for Creedmoor is located? I’m trying to get a bill passed in NYS that allows the release of former patient names so that they can be honored and remembered with dignity. Thank you for the great photographs! Sincerely, Lin Stuhler at http://www.inmatesofwillard.com

    Posted by lsstuhler | 7-2-13., 11:24 pm
  16. I was at fort totten today & I was kind of dissapointed. How did get into everywhere you did? Just “exploring” or did you pre-arrange permission? My wife & I love abandoned & haunted spots but we don’t want to get arrested lol. Any help for two rookie explorers would be great.

    P.S love the site

    Posted by mike | 7-22-13., 9:48 pm
    • Hey Mike! Sorry to hear you were disappointed. There is some risk involved with doing this sort of thing… Were you able to check out the batteries? I wouldn’t advise entering the Army Hospital at this point, it’s just too far gone and not worth the risk.

      Posted by abandonednyc | 7-24-13., 2:46 am
  17. I have nominated you for the “I am Part of the WordPress Family” Award
    You can see your nomination at:


    and you can retrieve your badge at:


    Posted by kqduane | 8-29-13., 1:24 pm
  18. Love your work – really great stuff.
    I was wondering if you might be able to share any urban exploration resources/groups in NY to get in touch with. I had a group I explored with in Chicago and would love to be able to find one here, as well. Understood if you can’t share.

    Posted by Justin | 2-21-14., 5:02 pm
  19. Please email with new posts?

    Posted by Richard N. Post | 3-3-14., 9:45 pm
  20. Hi will, I was wondering it the ship grave yard open to the public. Or do you need a permit to walk around and take photographs.

    Posted by Vic | 3-29-14., 10:34 am
  21. Hey will just wanted to kno if you think its worth taking a trip and risk to either the domino factory or red hook ?

    Posted by lenin | 5-16-14., 1:57 am

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