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Bayley Seton Hospital: Part II

Flooded Hall

Flooded Hall.

I wasn’t able to track down any information on the function of this obscure outbuilding of the Bayley Seton Hospital complex in Stapleton, SI.  The austere, three-story edifice is the only abandoned structure within the active section of Bayley Seton, situated on the northeast corner of the grounds behind the main building.  The rest are fenced off and awaiting demolition after being sold to make way for a new development—it’s likely that this building may hang on for a bit longer.

For a detailed history of Bayley Seton Hospital, refer to my last post on the Nurses’ Residence.

If you have any information on this building, please enlighten me in the comments below.

Flooded Basement Bayley Seton

My favorite room in Bayley Seton Hospital.

Another view of the Utility Room. This door fell out of the wall when I tried to open it.

Dark Hallway Bayley Seton

Evening light penetrates a dark hallway.

Room with Block Windows

A crumbling passageway.

Bayley Seton Hospital Outbuilding

The floor of this room was covered with a rank, pulpy, mush—apparently the remains of ceiling panels that had gone to rot.

Glass Block Hallway Bayley Seton

Glass block windows installed on the first floor.

Fallen Furniture in Bayley Seton

One of several pieces of furniture remaining in the building.

Bayley Seton Toilet

A toilet with a strange weighted contraption.

Examination Chair

An examination chair tucked away in the stairwell.

$10 Sexy Time

Graffiti in the building was minimal, but this bit stood out.

Bayley Seton Hospital Building Exterior

The building at sunset, just before a security guard asked me to leave…





16 thoughts on “Bayley Seton Hospital: Part II

  1. this is bldg 13, at one time used for animal , dog research. has been empty for years.

    i worked there for 15 years, i know about every bldg there. i was in and out of this bldg many times.


    Posted by john r | 7-2-12., 4:11 am
  2. in the picture above, the bldg to the right is the boiler room, still used every day. its very clean , not like the



    Posted by john r | 7-2-12., 4:15 am
  3. I believe it was the dog lab,tennis courts were next to it.There also was a seamens wives nursing home before you come to the ER.


    Posted by frances squillari | 7-25-12., 3:29 pm
  4. I grew up in Quarters #7 on the hospital grounds when it was “USPHS Hospital”. I am so sad to see how it is looking. Such a shame.


    Posted by Amy | 11-3-12., 2:28 pm
  5. I grew up here. On the grounds of the USPHS Hospital in Quarters #7. It was a great place to live as a child. My Dad was a physician there. Lived there from 1964-1978. Was back through there about 4 years ago and broke my heart to see it. I would love to go IN my old “home” one more time before it’s demolished if not already…


    Posted by rngeneral | 11-3-12., 2:30 pm
    • This place is being used as an evacuation shelter for sandy victims. Very dirty and still in its Rots..Why did they bring people here?? I dont know, people just dont care very much anymore,, What ashamed!!!!


      Posted by Carm c | 12-3-12., 1:50 am
      • Is it MOSTLY sound in structure? Can’t groups organize themselves and form work parties to work on this structure? It is GOOD that it exists and can be used for such things as evacuation, but should be fixed up to treat people with dignity, I agree. People do care. I think it is hard all over….


        Posted by Amy Fields Harness | 12-3-12., 1:41 pm
    • My Family and I lived there in the chief physicians house ( the old granite one) from 1967 – 1969. My father was also a physician there. Visited once in the 1990’s to see Fr. Datty.


      Posted by vince | 11-17-13., 8:54 pm
      • Hi Vince, I’d love to hear more. I went back through this past summer and have more pics. I was there from infancy thru 1978.


        Posted by rngeneral | 11-18-13., 1:52 am
    • Hi, My grandmother and great-grandparents lived there also, I think. My great-grandfather was also a physician and started a lab there when it was the U.S. Marine Hospital. I’d really appreciate hearing what you know about the quarters and also the building where the lab was. I’ve not been able to find anyone at the med center who seems to know which buildings were used. I would like to visit, and will be in the vicinity soon. Would appreciate any information you could share. Thanks so much. Trish


      Posted by Trish Reeves | 7-24-14., 8:06 pm
      • I wish you’d contact me, Trish.
        Find me on facebook.


        Posted by rngeneral | 7-25-14., 11:33 am
      • There is a facebook site Bayley Seton 2012 where you can find out more info from people who worked there long ago.I worked there from 1977-1987.The officers used to live in the houses surrounding the hospital.There was a dog lab and Dr.Damato did experiments in electrophysiology.I more or less closed down when BSH took over.There were tennis courts next to the lab,also a merchant seaman’s wives nursing home on grounds.The hospital was on the cutting edge,they even had an electron microscope.It was the best place I ever worked,Doctors and nurses got along well.LOL Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:33:47 +0000 To: gla1720@hotmail.com


        Posted by frances squillari | 7-25-14., 11:48 am
    • Thanks so much for your post/response. I’m not on Facebook, but can be reached at trishreeves@mac.com.


      Posted by Trish Reeves | 7-25-14., 1:43 pm
    • Hi, I’m not on Facebook, but can be reached at trishreeves@mac.com. Wondering if you know of the building where the lab was set up around 1887, and where doctors’ quarters were then. My grandmother was born there, her sister died of diphtheria there, and her father set up the lab. Thanks so much.


      Posted by Trish | 7-26-14., 5:14 pm
  6. This abandoned facility its being used as sandyshurricane victims.. Unbelievable but true!!! Dirty rotted place unsanitary conditions mothers, children families are placed here. Shame on you


    Posted by Carm c | 12-3-12., 1:58 am

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